ESSAGER ES-OTG21 Series USB A to Aux Jack Audio Micro Adapter USB to 3.5mm Adapter


1. No drivers needed, plug and play.
2. Available in two specifications.
3. Resolves issues with damaged computer sound cards and gaming consoles unable to connect to external headphones/speakers:
Single 3.5mm jack version: Solves the problem of desktop computers being unable to use combined headset/microphone (4-pole 3.5mm jack headsets).
Dual 3.5mm jack version: Solves the problem of laptops being unable to use separate headset/microphone (two 3-pole 3.5mm jacks).
4. Supports inline volume control.
5. Intelligent chip for high-fidelity sound quality.

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Product NameESSAGER ES-OTG21 Series USB A to Aux Jack Audio Micro Adapter USB to 3.5mm Adapter
CategoryOTG Adapters
Model NumberES-OTG21
FunctionUSB A to 3.5mm Aux Audio+Micro
USB ProtocolN/A
Data TransferN/A
Charge CurrentN/A
MaterialAliuminium Alloy+TPE
FeaturesUSB to 3.5mm Adapter, USB to Aux, USB to Jack
Applicable toHeadphones, speakers, and microphones connected to computer
Brand NameEssager
Single Package Size17.50cm*12.00cm*0.10cm=21cm³
Single Shipping Weight0.020kg
Place of OriginShenzhen, China


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Output Port

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