ESSAGER EJ01 Series with MIC 3.5mm Aux Wired HiFi Earbuds


1. Equipped with a 14.2mm high-fidelity composite diaphragm dynamic driver unit for detailed, true-to-life sound.
2. Delivers 3D surround sound with deep, robust bass, enhancing melody clarity and preserving the original sound quality.
3. Features an oxygen-free copper core that restores natural sound quality. The TPE cables resist interference, remaining tangle-free, durable, and flexible for prolonged use.
4. Provides high-definition calls with near-lossless quality. The built-in highly sensitive omnidirectional microphones ensure clear, smooth conversations, enhancing focus during learning, karaoke, or gaming.
5. Ergonomically designed as a semi in-ear model, ensuring a comfortable fit for most ear shapes. Lightweight and secure, minimizing the chances of falling off.
6. Multi-functional control buttons enable seamless management of calls, volume adjustment, and track selection for previous or next songs.

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Product NameESSAGER EJ01 Series with MIC 3.5mm Aux Wired HiFi Earbuds
Model NumberEJ01
SKUEEJ01-XK01, EEJ01-XK02, EEJ01-XK04, EEJ01-XK09
ColorBlack, White, Pink, Red
TypeWired Earbuds
Wire ControlYes
FeaturesHiFi Earbuds, Wired Earbuds, 3.5mm Aux Earbuds
Applicable toPhone, Computer, Tablet, MP3 Player, Television, Gaming Console, In-flight Entertainment System, Audio Receiver, School/Library Equipment, Professional Audio Equipment
Brand NameEssager
Single Package Size15.00cm*5.00cm*10.00cm=750cm³
Single Shipping Weight0.027kg
Place of OriginShenzhen, China


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Black, White, Pink, Red


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